Lime Green Crushed Opal For Jewellery Making, Ring Making, Resin Art, Nail Art, Inlay, Material Findings, Pen Woodworking


Lime Green Crushed Opal

Primary Colour: Lime Green
Secondary Colours: Reds, Purples, Blues

Crushed opal is widely used for anything that requires a vibrant, colourful and interesting design element. Handcraft and creations that use crushed opal include:-
• Jewellery Making (Ring inlays, pendants, earrings etc)
• Woodworking and Turning,
• Pen Turning,
• Resin Art,
• Nail Art,
• Blade Smithing,
• Displays,
• Anything that may require a decorative inlay.

Sizing and Quantities


One gram of opal is enough for approximately 2 ring inlays. One gram of opal would have a volume of 38mmx38mmx0.6mm approximately.

The crushed opal is sold in several stone sizes and colours. We have 50 colours to choose from. We sell two sizes of opal stone which are the most popular sizes available.
1. Fine Size (1.5mm and smaller stones) – these are most suitable for ring inlays and nail art
2. Medium Size (2mm – 0.5mm stones) – This is a slightly larger stone suitable for any crafty creations. This can be ground down into a finer stone size / powder if required.

What is crushed opal?

Our crushed opals are a high quality synthetic lab-made material that consists of silica and polymer resin rather than hydrated silica (natural opal).
What makes this synthetic opal superior is the polymer stabilises the opal which makes it easier for jewellery making, resulting in less cracking and crazing.

All of our opal colours will not colour fade or yellow and are chemically resistant to acetone, methanol and thinner.

The opal making process is complex with the opal grown over a time frame of one year in a controlled environment. The process involves layering to create the kaleidoscope of stunning colour patterns.

Once the opal is grown, the rough cut stone is crushed and sifted to the required stone size.

The opal colour on your screen may vary slightly from the real deal and to that shown on your screen. It is guaranteed that when used it is vibrant and has the colours as described.

**If you have any questions on this item, please contact us**