DIY Aluminium Wire Jig for jewellery making


DIY Wire Jig Kit

Insert the pegs into the holes, close or apart of your choice to wrap the wire around them for your desired design of letters, words, shapes, patterns or anything you can thing of!

Materials:- Aluminium.

Colour:- Natural

Come with:-

Jig board: 140x114x13mm,

Pegs(S): 22×2.5~3mm, 20pcs;

Pegs(M): 22×2.5~4mm, 6pcs;

Pegs(L): 21×2.5~10mm, 2pcs;

Pegs(XL): 21×2.5~18mm, 2pcs;

Plastic Peg Caps: 12~15×2.5~3mm, hole: 2.5mm, 30pcs.

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